Overview of IP rights

Why protection?

As the owner of patents, trade marks, designs or copyrights, you alone decide who can commercially use - for instance, apply, produce or sell - your inventions and creations during a certain period of time. You can forbid their use to third parties. In the meantime, you can earn profits and pay off the investments for research and development.

In addition, IP rights turn inventions and creations into tradable goods and are a financial asset  for a company. For example, you can sell IP rights, allow their use in exchange for license fees or lease them.

Limited protection even without IP rights

Without patent, trade mark or design rights, you’re not necessarily helpless in the face of imitators. When competitors act in a dishonest and illegal manner - for instance with copies of your products which mislead customers - you can take action with the support of the Federal Act against Unfair Practices (UAC).