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Your Intellectual Property

Technical inventions, original logos, new designs, gripping thrillers - a lot of imagination, effort, time and money has been put into your inventions and creations. You can protect them from imitation as your intellectual property so that you reap the benefits and not your competitors:

  • Technical inventions - with Patents
  • Original designs or new forms - with Designs
  • Product names and logos - with Trade marks
  • Artistic works such as texts and songs – are automatically protected by Copyright

The intellectual property of your competitors

Other people are also creative and they might protect their intangible assets with trade marks, patents or designs. Whether you own IP rights or not, you should certainly make sure that your inventions and creations don’t infringe the intellectual property of third parties. If, for example, as a manufacturer of an MP3 player you use the image of a pear with a bite taken out of it on your latest product, this could infringe the trade mark protection of Apple. The consequence of infringements could be warnings; in the worst case, you would have to withdraw your products from the market and pay damages.

Avoid such slip-ups. Use searches to find out:

  • whether your product is positioned within the protection scope of third-party patents
  • whether your product or company name and your logo infringe earlier trade mark rights
  • or whether competitors have protected confusable designs.