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Help for SMEs

Our Contact Centre – for all kinds of information

Is something not clear? Don’t hesitate to call us. Our Contact Centre staff will be happy to answer your questions on the protection of innovations and creations or will put you through to an expert if necessary.

The Assisted Patent Search – for inventors

Have you invented something and don’t know what the next step is? Or do you have technical questions?

During an assisted patent search, a patent expert who is familiar with the relevant sector will search with you in patent databases for answers and will reply to your questions on patenting. This half-day session at our offices in Bern costs CHF 300.

Cost-free initial advisory service for questions on patents

You can get 45 minutes of free advice on patent protection and copyright protection of software from the team of patent attorneys (pdf 111 KB) in the IP Advisory Network. You’ll find further information under http://www.ipi.ch/ip-net/.

Advice on strategic questions or conflicts

Do you need an expert‘s opinion on the best protection for you? Do you need help with choosing the trade mark, defining the scope of protection for your patent application or handling conflicts with competitors?

A trade mark consultant or patent attorney can give you competent advice and recommendations.

Support for start-ups

The Federal Innovation Promotion Agency CTI brings companies and universities together and fosters mutual R&D projects.

General info for SMEs

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) deals with SME-subjects such as setting up a company, finances, marketing, taxation, insurance and many more on the SME Portal.

Innovation Map - Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

The Innovation Map brings research institutes and companies together and provides a compact overview of federal support measures aimed at improving the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Interactive e-learning platform on intellectual property

With the e-Learning tool from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), you can gain the knowledge you need on intellectual property according to the sector and the product or production phase in which your company is involved. In addition, the platform provides lots of general information on what can be protected and how.