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Do you want to protect your design in Switzerland? Send us a completed Application for Registration of Industrial Designs with at least one good-quality reproducible illustration of the design (photo or drawing). You can also submit several designs for registration with a single application if they belong to the same category of goods.

You’ll find detailed information concerning applying for registration on our website www.ige.ch and in the brochure “Design protection” (German, French or Italian, pdf, 331 KB).

Once a design has been registered, it’s published – but you can have its publication deferred for up to 30 months after registration. This can be done either because you don’t want the public or your competitors to see your design yet or because you also want to file for a patent in connection with the design.

After the application, make use of the priority period if you also want to protect your design abroad. This means that for six months after applying for registration, you can claim the Swiss application date for applications abroad.

You will find information concerning protection abroad at www.ige.ch.